​Welcome to Radiant Health.   Step in and begin a new chapter in your healing journey!


Radiant Health Partners LLC is a Naturopathic Medical Clinic where patients are respected, nourished and supported on the journey to optimal health. Our clinic is conveniently located on our property in Paradise Valley, AZ. It offers relaxing gardens and a quiet, private, serene retreat that is most conducive to a healing visit. The office is comfortable and cleaned only organically with the strictest standards: fragrance-free and details attended to for utmost comfort.  Hospitality during your visit can include water, herbal tea, Bullet-Proof coffee or fresh-from-the-tree lemonade.


The surrounding acre of gardens, towering majestic eucalyptus and mesquite trees, fruit-bearing trees, exotic cacti and medicinal plants are nourished and cared for with only natural and organic means. This includes water purification, which removes chlorine and fluoride, strategic irrigation methods, worm castings, no-till soil burns, compost pitting, fungi and electronic pest control, solar-power and many other environmental features. The diverse foliage allows for a full living ecosystem that is also beneficial to our microbiomes, and patients are welcome to breathe it in or take off their shoes and enjoy relaxing and grounding before or after your visit.


The aquatics are state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly and designed for aesthetic appreciation, enjoyment, therapeutic value and relaxation. They feature a 15,000 gallon fully functional heated (and cooled in the summer) pool, Jacuzzi Therapeutic Hot Spa and custom-designed Cold Plunge Spa. These are set up with minimal chemical use, using the best state-of-the-art combination of Salt Water, UV treatment and Ozone system with solar-array energy drivers. Together, they have extensive control capability and are maintained to eliminate chlorine off-gassing and ensure minimal chemical-residue effects.


These are part of our personal wellness, detoxification, and resilience programs and are designed to be a possible part of a custom individual treatment plan.

Provisions can be arranged for special events, classes, ceremonies, herb-making classes, healing retreats, yoga or Qi Gong classes, Kava kava or other lifestyle events. We can arrange day or overnight treatment plans as needed.

Dr. Sue Rosario Beitel, NMD: BIOGRAPHY

​Dr. Sue Rosario Beitel, NMD, as a general practitioner, specializes in connecting with each patient and their unique needs and finding the root cause of dis-ease and health in the system. She believes in helping the body access the inherent healing capability and the healing power of nature by using the art and science of the best of traditional wisdom and exciting, cutting-edge  science to guide the individualized healing program for each patient. She uses a unique combination of mind-body, lifestyle, clinical nutrition, and targeted supplements along with a rich toolbox of gentle, effective treatment approaches. She has extensive medical and healing expertise as an NMD, while maintaining advanced skills and additional certifications in many areas. Brief descriptions of several of the successful areas of expertise are given, as any of these may be a part of a unique treatment plan designed to help each patient become the most vibrant, radiant, and resilient version of themselves that can be imagined.


Dr. Sue Rosario Beitel (Dr. Sue) is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor licensed to practice in Arizona, California and Vermont. She received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, completed Harvard University’s Post Baccalaureate Premedical Program and earned a BA in Psychology at Cornell University. Continued education has included several other certifications to further enhance her toolbox of healing modalities.


Dr. Sue grew up in South Florida, where she was a nationally ranked competitive swimmer and acclaimed student. She has lived globally and raised four children, who were all born at home naturally. Several of her children were top athletes, and she has practical experience in the use of natural care, including homeopathy, nutraceuticals, hydrotherapy, botanical medicine, massage techniques and therapeutic exercise. Her life and beliefs led her to continue with higher education later in life and the formation of Radiant Health Partners LLC.


Dr. Sue has special interest in treating whole person wellness, chronic disease, anti-aging medicine, pain and inflammation, and natural detoxification. She has extensive training in several modalities, including Botanical Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, balancing hormones and bioidentical hormones and resonance therapy—including Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Biodynamic Cranial sacral therapy, Arvigo Mayan abdominal massage, hydrotherapy, yoga therapy and Mind-Body practices.


She is passionate about her role as a naturopathic doctor and inspiring her patients to live more healthy, vibrant and fulfilling lives. Using her extensive toolbox, which includes the gentle, powerful principles of traditional nature cure and staying current with the best of modern medical science, she addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of dis-ease to find the root cause. Removing the obstacles to cure will harness the body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate. Dr. Sue’s ultimate goals are to guide her patients and give them a new understanding of what it can mean to truly have resilient and Radiant Health.

Radiant Health Partners LLC

Dr. Rosario Beitel is the Chief Medical Officer of Radiant Health Partners LLC.  She also is the lead Physician of the Paradise Valley Clinic of Radiant Health.   Darrell Beitel is the Chief Executive of Radiant Health Partners LLC.  Radiant Health is protected with Copyright, Property and Venture Protections.  Radiant Health Partners LLC has the right to production with creation and distribution of products and services directly and indirectly and uses knowledge, education and experience of the natural and scientific world of Sue and Darrell Beitel property inside and outside of Radiant Health, with and without the benefit of Radiant Health.  Radiant Health Partners LLC is a Sole Enterprise LLC in the State of AZ.  

Phone: (480) 366-4580  Email: DrSue@RadiantHealthNMD.com

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